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When you think of pill boxes, you might be envisioning your grandmother's little silver pill box, a monthly pill box organizer, or any number of containers in between.

The term pill box can refer to many different kinds of pill containers, from a single compartment to those with a built in timer. Look at all of the pill boxes on this site. Often you will find something better than what you had in mind, as there are many pill box products that aren't available in stores.

There are pill boxes that have 1 compartment to many compartments, and are made from everything from plastic to gold and silver.

A good pill box or pill box organizer can help in many ways. Pill boxes can be functional in that they keep your medication organized and fresh. They can help you stay organized, knowing when a prescription needs to be refilled. Pill boxes can be fun and stylish, and help you keep your medications discreetly at hand.

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