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Pill Timer Product Information

A pill timer can come in a variety of styles and functions.

The main consideration when looking for a pill timer is how many times per day you need it to go off.

Some pill timers can be set to specific time or times like an alarm clock. For example you could set it to go off at 2 and 3 p.m. each day.  Other pill timers are countdown timers. A "countdown" pill timer simply counts down a time period that you choose, and then gives an alarm.

Pill timers with beeping, vibrating, flashing, and vocal alarms are available. There is even a watch that will give a text message at pre-set times.

Many of these are very easy to set and operate, others require more involved setting procedures. All can be set by anyone who can read and follow directions.

There are even pill timers that use easy toggle switches to set the reminder times. They are called "easy set" timers and can be seen on this site.

Pill Timer Tip:

As a famous actor once said, you have to know your limitations. If you or the user has a hard time setting a digital clock, maybe a pill reminder that uses toggle switches might be a better choice. Look for the "easy set" timers on this site.

No matter what, save the directions!