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Alarm Watch Information

When choosing an alarm watch, the main considerations are the number of daily alarms needed, and the type of alarm. Some alarm watches have a vibrating function in addition to the audible alarm.

The size of the alarm watch is also something to consider. Most alarm watch products are somewhat large, most are what would normally be considered men's sized. When choosing an alarm watch, one should consider the health benefit that can be gained over fashion considerations. If an alarm watch that is not to your fashion taste will keep you healthy, (even save your life at times), it may be worth wearing even if it is not your favorite style. You will still look better healthy and alive with the watch, than sick or hospitalized without it.

The main benefit to using an alarm watch is that it is always with you. After a few days wearing the alarm watch, you will feel "funny" not having it on your wrist,  and consequently never forget to wear it. 

The audible alarm on some alarm watches may be difficult to hear for those with hearing loss in a certain frequency. Often those with "normal" hearing will not be able to hear a certain frequency, making it difficult for them to hear the alarm watch. 

Unfortunately the only way to know if you have hearing loss at the frequency of the alarm watch alarm is to try the watch and see if you can hear it.