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1 tsp Oral Syringe - Item 67008

1 tsp Oral Syringe

Easy to use oral syringe perfect for infant medication dosages.

  • Unique design allows you to draw medication directly from bottle with no mess or fuss. (We tried this and it works great!)
  • Easy to read large calibrations in ml and tsp.
  • Great for measuring and dispensing liquid medications.


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  • 67008Q
  • 67008Q

1 tsp Oral Syringe - Item 67008:

A great medication measurement tool

Our oral syringe products help people save money on health care products.

Our 1 tsp Oral Syringe - Item 67008 is/are of good quality and a great value at only $2.88 each.

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Easy to use 1 tsp. oral syringe for human or pet medication.

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