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LED Lighted Tip Ballpoint Pen with Mesh Stylus

  • Bright LED light comes on automatically when you place the pen cap on the other end and slide it down all the way.
  • The cap-activated LED tip shines a light where you write.
  • Batteries are included and have a 50 hour battery life. Batteries can be replaced, it uses 3 - L736.
  • Smooth writing ballpoint with black ink will glide across your surface.
  • The gleaming chrome accents with glossy enamel finish provides a modern style.
  • It's also a tech tool, with a stylus feature that works great on your touchscreens.
  • Great to keep one bedside.


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  • LTIP-Blue, LTIP-Black, LTIP-Red
  • LTIP-Blue, LTIP-Black, LT
Great lighted tip pen - so you can write in the dark!