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MediCase 14-Dose Kit - Item 226

Make your own pill packs at home with this reusable air-tight light-duty pill organizer

  • Simply pull the tab on each compartment to retrieve the pills.  The remaining compartments stay sealed.  Notice in the picture that the seals have been pulled for Tuesday and Wednesday evening
  • A lid covers all the compartments for added security.
  • The organizer is designed to be used once, but can be re-used many times with extra seals.  
  • The organizer requires a new seal each time you refill if you want it to be air-tight.
  • Extra seals are available as a separate item.

          Click here to see the prices for extra seals.

  • Click on image to see more detail.
  • The entire unit is approximately 8.5" L x 3.75" W when closed.
  • Each individual compartment is approximately 7/8" W x 1 1/8" L x, 5/8"deep.
  • Click here to see the directions.
  • Also available in a 4-times-a-day design. Click here to see it.
  • One unit consists of one tray and one seal, enough to make one finished unit as shown.

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  • 226Q
  • Reusable 2x pharmacy pkg

MediCase 14-Dose Kit - Item 226:

A way to make your own air tight pill packs at home

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